What Makes HTML5 so Important in Game Development?

For a couple of years now the most popular technology used in developing games was Adobe Flash. In fact just the casual mention of ‘flash games’ did not need much explanation, as the term automatically referred to web-based games. Today, a large majority of gaming portals still offer their games in flash version.

Admittedly, for all these years, Flash has been working great. So, is there anything wrong with using it in modern-day game development? Technically, there is nothing wrong with Flash. As mentioned, many games are still built on Flash. This technology has functionality, interactivity and allows developers to incorporate impressive graphics into their games.

Even then, new technologies have emerged and Flash may not be the best tool for modern game development and design. The truth is, browsers have changed from what they used to be and they will continue to change for the better. Today’s browsers do not require plug-ins to load pages heavy with graphics and interactive functions. Browsers can do this automatically.

In fact, browsers now come with advanced functionalities, allowing web developers to build interactive websites that are heavy with graphics. These changes are not only beneficial to web developers, but they also have major implications for game developers as well.

The Rise and Rise of HTML5

HTML is essentially used for text and layout effects on websites. However, the evolution of HTML technology into HTML5 has made it possible to integrate new elements that boost graphics, support multimedia and incorporate interactivity.

Combined with new programming language and advanced engines such as JavaScript, HTML5 offers the game developer many opportunities. Devices and platforms have changed over the years (and they continue to change fast). This makes it necessary for game developers to use HTML5 programming to build games that are easily accessible on new generation mobile devices.

As mentioned earlier, apps built on HTML5 do not require additional software or plug-ins to run on the latest web browser versions. Additionally, HTML5 applications can be adapted to work seamlessly on different screen sizes including Smartphones, tablets and desktops.

What makes HTML5 games even more lucrative is their versatility as they work well on different operating systems including iOS and Android as well as Windows and Linux for desktop. The cross-platform nature of HTML5 games means that developers only need to write a single codebase and it distribute across multiple platforms.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of HTML5 apps from the client’s perspective is that it provides control over advertising decisions, management of updates and when and how to make the app available.

How is this possible?

Well, HTML5 apps can be stored online. The owner can easily make any updates without removing the app from the store. Updates management is instant making it possible for users to play the most recent version of a game.

App owners have control on how ads are displayed. Using players’ feedback, owners can tweak ads to leverage ad revenues. At the same time, the online availability of apps makes it possible to make an app permanently or temporarily unavailable.

Online availability of games encourages players to easily share games, without the need to install additional software. The more shareable a game is, the more likely it s to become popular.

Although it is not certain that HTML5 will completely take over the gaming technology scene, it is indubitable that this new programming language has many more advantages over Flash, presenting limitless opportunities for game developers.



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This game is good, play it.

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